Movies in Monterey by Location


A Man of Honor


Scenes filmed at the Pebble Beach golf course, which was turned into a village street in the semitropics.  See Also:  Carmel and Monterey Peninsula.

A Summer Place


Pebble Beach and Tennis Club’s pier, See Also:  Monterey.

A Woman Rebels


Shot scenes at Cypress Point in Pebble Beach stands in for Italy in background shots. See Also:  Big Sur.

Captain January


Shot in Stillwater Cove. See Also:  Monterey, Pacific Grove and Point Lobos.



See Also:  Carmel and Carmel Valley.



One of the opening scenes was filmed at the Lone Cypress at Pebble Beach, standing in for the island of Elba.

Desire Me


Scenes shot at 17 Mile Drive. See Also:  Carmel and Point Lobos.

Edge of Darkness


Scenes filmed on the shores.  See Also:  Monterey, Point Lobos.

Escape to Witch Mountain


Scenes shot at Crocker Mansion with “Byzantine” look.  See Also:  Big Sur & Carmel Valley.

Fast and Furious


Filmed at the Indian Village near the 17 Mile Drive in Pebble Beach.

Five Finger Exercise


Scenes included one of its mansions.

Follow the Sun


Pebble Beach Golf Links

Foolish Wives


Scenes fimed along 17 Mile Drive  See Also:  Point Lobos.

Gun Battle at Monterey


Scenes filmed at the Lone Cypress.  See Also:  Monterey Peninsula.

In Love and War


Scenes filmed at the Ghost Tree on 17 Mile Drive and the Beach and Tennis Club.  See Also: Monterey and Monterey Peninsula.



Early scene in the movie filmed near the 15th hole at Cypress Point Golf course.

Johnny Belinda


Scenes filmed along Pebble Beach waterfront.  See Also:  Pacific Grove.

Marine Raiders


Scenes filmed along the coast in Del Monte Forest, including Fanshell Beach, Bird Rock and the 14th hole of the Cypress Point golf course.

Men on Call


Scenes filmed at Cypress Point.  It was the first filming of a talking picture indoors on location.  Houses along Cypress Point used in the film were heavily padded with sound-deadening materials to permit perfect acoustics; one of the sets used in the filming along the 17 Mile Drive was a Hollywood-built lighthouse and high rock outcroppings; the set inspired an ink drawing by local artist Lucy Valentine Pierce, called “Movie Lighthouse 17 Mile Drive” Stars stayed at the Del Monte Lodge, now The Lodge at Pebble Beach.

Mr. Imperium


Scenes filmed along the Pebble Beach coast, including the Crocker Mansion, Richard Rodgers house, Lone Cypress and Pebble Beach Ghost Tree at Pescadero Point, which stood in for the coast of Italy.

My Favorite Brunette


Scenes filmed at the Crocker Mansion on 17 Mile Drive.

National Velvet


Scenes filmed along the Pebble Beach Golf Course, with Carmel Beach and Point Lobos in the background.

One-Eyed Jacks


Scenes filmed along the coastline north of Cypress Point.  See Also: Big Sur.

Our Dancing Daughters


Scenes filmed at The Lodge.

Paid to Love


Scenes filmed at 17 Mile Drive.  See Also:  Point Lobos.

Passion Fruit


Scenes filmed at Cypress Point.



See Also:  Carmel.

See America First


Scenes filmed along 17 Mile Drive.  See Also:  Monterey and Point Lobos.

Small Town Girl


Scenes filmed along 17 Mile Drive, which stood in for the coast of Maine in the autumn.

Sporting Youth


Scenes filmed along 17 Mile Drive.  See Also: Monterey and Monterey Peninsula.

Susan Slade


Scenes filmed at Cypress Point and Pebble Beach Equestrian Center.  See Also: Monterey.

Tess of the Storm Country


Scenes filmed on 17 Mile Drive.  See Also:  Point Lobos.

The Caddy


Scenes filmed at Fan Shell Beach near Cypress Point in Del Monte Forest, but none of the golf sequences was shot here.

The Count of Monte Cristo


20 seconds of the Lone Cypress.

The Divine Lady


Scenes filmed at the former Rittenhouse residence in Del Monte Forest.

The Eye of the Night


Scenes shot along 17 Mile Drive. See Also: Pacific Grove.

The Fast and the Furious


See Also:  Carmel

The Miracle Man


Scenes filmed at 17 Mile Drive.  See Also:  Monterey Peninsula and    Point Lobos.

The Parent Trap


Scenes filmed on the balcony of The Lodge overlooking the 18th hole of the golf course and at Cypress Point.  See Also:  Monterey.

The Sandpiper


Pebble Beach Golf Links See Also: Big Sur.

The Unknown


White Shoulders


Scenes filmed along 17 Mile Drive.  See Also: Monterey.

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