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    Jeff Clark and Bill Carmichael
  • The nonprofit Monterey County Film Commission is most appreciative of an $800 check from Bill Carmichael, a realtor with Big Block Realty in Carmel Valley. Thanks to his “Community Giving Initiative” he donated a portion of his commission on a house sale. This creative funding source will help support our programs and ensure more of the “lights, cameras, and economic action” for Monterey County through on-location film production. Check out more of his program at

AB1839 Victory with Governor’s Support

    Monterey County Film Commission’s Karen Nordstrand (pictured left of podium) joined statewide film commissioners
  • Monterey County in the News…with AB1839 Monterey County Film Commission’s Karen Nordstrand (pictured left of podium) joined statewide film commissioners (Film Liaisons in California Statewide) at the Aug. 20 mobilization day at the State Capitol, educating about the need for AB1839 to pass the legislature. They held posters of movies shot in their areas, which were then flipped over to display educational messages about the need to keep film jobs in California. MORE

    Update: News from Variety - AB1839 headed to Victory with Governor’s Support
  • MCFC Updates Film Resources Guide to Crew, Services We are updating information on crew, services and more on our website’s Film Resources Guide. If you are looking to be hired in Monterey County or have your company highlighted, review the category options and then go to Advertise button on this website. You can input your information there and get a free listing with just your name, company name, phone number and email address. If you’d like to enhance your listing, you can have additional details with logo or photo for just $60 a year per category. Leverage your own marketing efforts quickly and easily! If you have questions, email us at
  • TrafficCone
  • Production Alert: Caltrans Film Restrictions Hwy. 1/Big Sur needing ITC: May 23—Sept 2, 2014 MORE DETAILS


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The Monterey County Film Commission was created by the
Monterey County Board of Supervisors in 1987.

Mission Statement

The Monterey County Film Commission is a non-profit organization proactively marketing Monterey County as a destination for the motion picture, television, and related industries, for the purpose of stimulating economic development, creating jobs, providing and supporting educational opportunities in these areas.