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Famous Places, 1937

Color film; includes footage of the stage melodrama, "Tatters, the Pet of Squatter's Gulch," at California's First Theater in Monterey; the theater was resurrected by Dene Denney and Hazel Watrous with the "Tatters" production, opening June 3, 1937, running three nights and being revived for another week in July; "Tatters" was filmed by Dick Bare, who may have been connected to a Carmel production company; a new color filming technique, given a trial run for "Tatters," was developed by Bare and his partner Bob Edgren, both "film nuts" who ran the Filmarte Theater in Carmel, which showed shocking films like "Ecstasy."

Fast and Furious, 1927

Reginald Denny; Universal; auto racing scenes filmed at Indian Village near the 17 Mile Drive in Pebble Beach; a stunt driver was used for Denny in a racing scene after Denny was nearly involved in an accident with another racing car in an earlier scene.

Five Finger Exercise, 1962

Rosalind Russell, Jack Hawkins and Maximilian Schell; directed by David Mann; Columbia; drama based on a Broadway play with Miss Russell cast in a familiar role as a domineering woman, this time a demanding wife who nearly wrecks her family's existence; scenes filmed in Pebble Beach (including inside a mansion).

Flight, 1960

Efrain Ramirez; John Steinbeck story originally released as a feature-length film and later edited down to only 30 minutes. Scenes filmed at the Fish Ranch in the Carmel Highlands area.

Follow the Sun, 1951

Glenn Ford, Anne Baxter and Sam Snead; directed by Sidney Lanfield; 20th Century Fox; biography of golfer Ben Hogan; scenes filmed in Pebble Beach; Harold Firstman of Corral de Tierra played Hogan as a teen-ager.

Foolish Wives, 1922

Eric Von Stroheim (one of the silent screen's greatest directors and actors who was known for his unbridled extravagance) and Mae Busch; directed by Von Stroheim; Universal; considered Von Stroheim's most vivid star performance and one of his most lavish productions; billed as the first million dollar movie; a risque film in those days; story about a fake count in Monte Carlo who seduces and blackmails rich women; scenes filmed along the 17 Mile Drive in Pebble Beach and at Point Lobos, featuring a large Monte Carlo set, four stories high, at Sea Lion Point in the Point Lobos State Reserve; 500 extras, including 350 socialites from San Francisco and Monterey County, among them Charles Crocker, Betty Folger, Howard and Rudolph Spreckels, George Newhall, Elyse Hopkins, Joseph Tobin, M.H. DeYoung and S.F.B. Morse.

Forever Amber, 1947

Forever Amber, 1947, Linda Darnell, Cornell Wilde and George Sanders; directed by Otto Preminger; story about a lively wench who sacrifices love and honor to get ahead at the court of Britain's King Charles II; considered a racy film in its era; Oscar nominee for musical score; scenes shot at Cypress Point.

Four Daughters, 1938

Four Daughters, 1938, Claude Rains, John Garfield and the Lane Sisters; directed by Michael Curtiz; Warner Bros.; adaptation of the Fannie Hurst story; critically acclaimed; Oscar nominee (Best Picture, screenplay, director and Garfield as Best Actor); scenes filmed in front of Colton Hall in Monterey; sisters Toni and Clara Brucia had small parts in the film.

Francis Joins the WACs, 1954

Francis Joins the WACs, 1954, Donald O'Connor, with Chill Wills as the voice of Francis, The Talking Mule; directed by Arthur Lubin; Universal-International; comedy about how a mistake sends Donald O'Connor back into the Army -- as a WAC recruit; scenes for the fifth of seven Francis pictures were filmed at Fort Ord in April 1954, and several WACs from Fort Ord and other Army posts in Northern California were used as extras.

Our thanks to Joe Graziano of the Monterey County Herald for providing this information.
* - Indicates that Peninsula footage ended up on cutting room floor.



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